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How to pitch tour boss on attending Hopscotch Design

Taking two days off from work can feel like a stretch. That’s why we put together a list of our top reasons for why its worth your time and how you might pitch your boss on supporting you.

Hopscotch Design Festival is a place for professional and personal growth. It’s a place to expand your mind, push your abilities, build new relationships, and gain new knowledge.

The bottom line is that attending the festival will give you tools and connections to improve your career, and inspiration to enrich your life.

5 Reasons your boss wants you to participate:

GET MOTIVATED: Learn best practices and trends from local, national, and global leaders shaping the future of their fields. Get inspired about what’s happening next. Learn about new opportunities and position yourself for success.

BE A CONTRIBUTOR: You and your company have expertise and ideas that the community needs and can benefit from. The festival offers plenty of opportunities to share your unique knowledge. Be a representative for everything your organization is working toward.

GROW YOUR NETWORK: Join a community of like-minded people who want to share their diverse perspectives. Have conversations or have a beer with people from multiple industries. Expand your network.

HOMETOWN PRIDE: Hopscotch Design brings these luminaries to your back door. Raleigh is at a critical point in its growth—be a part of the next chapter of our city.

UNBEATABLE PRICE: The full price to attend two days with world-class speakers, local chefs, engaging workshops, parties, and the best people around is only $175 – a fraction of the cost of some of the national conferences of the same caliber, which are typically $1K+.

You’ll leave better prepared and more excited to lead your career and design your future with intent.

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A meeting of creative minds and local professionals changing the meaning of design.
- 2016 Hopscotcher

Sept 6-7, 2018 | Raleigh, NC

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