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2017 dates announced

We’re thrilled to announce Hopscotch Design Festival’s return on Thursday, September 7 and Friday, September 8th, 2017 in Downtown Raleigh. Hopscotch Design Festival interplays with the performances and events of Hopscotch Music Festival which will run Thursday, September 7 to Sunday, September 10.

This year’s design festival will features +35 speakers, hands-on workshops, exhibitions, parties, chefs, and a few new surprises! You’ll learn from some of the most inspiring design leaders during the day and listen to some of the most experimental and underground music by night.

Like year’s past, both festivals reaffirm Hopscotch’s commitment to showcasing North Carolina leaders in design and music and notable leaders from around the world.

We have plenty of exciting announcements in store for 2017, including Thursday evening plans for the first time ever (more info on the way in the upcoming months!)


These will be the lowest priced tickets of the year and sold out almost immediately last year so we encourage you to buy early!

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Sept 6-7, 2018 | Raleigh, NC

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