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The future is yours to design

Last November, the New Kind team worked on writing the vision for this year’s Hopscotch Design Festival. It hinges on four core ideas that are deeply important to us.

1. Inspire a generation of designers who are prepared to lead

The critical issues around the world today continue to be complex. Design is a process to navigate uncertainty and form with intent. Now more than ever, we believe designers who want to create positive change need to lead.

Our dream: Designers see their potential to lead, learn how to harness it, and create the future they believe in.

2. Shape a world where every leader believes in the importance of design

Design helps us understand difficult problems, imagine new possibilities, make smart decisions, and deliver impactful solutions. It’s a way to contribute beauty, simplicity, and humanity to the world.  We believe design is open to anyone, not only ‘designers.’

Our dream is no one ever says, “I’m not a designer,” or “I’m not creative.” These become phrases of the past.

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3. Make design a core cultural competency in every organization, team, government, and family.

Design gives us the courage to embrace discomfort and push forward into the fear of the unknown. We want everyone to know why design matters and understand how to use it in their lives.

Our dream is every person takes a design class at some point in their life.

4. Help others realize their own potential by inspiring them to do the work they love.

We all need encouragement to show up and do the things that scare us. Design gives us a safe way to explore new possibilities, push the edges, and build paths forward.

Our dream is no one feels stuck. No one feels like they can’t become the person they want to be. Everyone operates from a place of possibility and strives to make their difference.

What this year looks like

We’ve got an all-star lineup this year and we’re organizing speakers into three key categories to bring to life the core ideas above.

1. Seeing emerging trends: Giving you insights to see what’s ahead

We’re hosting speakers who understand the macro-trends in today’s world and how they are influencing the future. Our hope is this helps you make the most informed decisions in your own work.

2. Learning from disruptors: Understanding how to change the status quo

These are the people who aren’t hiding. They are disrupting things and trying to create positive change through design. They’ll share how they did it and why they did it.

3. Connecting with others: The people who are trying to figure it out

You’re not alone. In addition to speakers who are sharing their personal journeys, processes, and insights, we’re hosting parties, conversations, and meals . We’re making moments to connect with other like-minded people who want to make a difference and contribute their best work.

This year we’re taking some chances, trying out some new ideas, and hoping the festival helps anyone who attends design the future they believe in.

And we hope you’re joining us.

We’ll be sharing more details as we have them in the next couple of weeks. Please let us know if you’ve got questions. You can reach us here.

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The energy, passion, and enthusiasm that I witnessed, has now been rekindled in me.
- 2016 Hopscotcher

Sept 6-7, 2018 | Raleigh, NC

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