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Inspiration awaits. Embrace it.

Hopscotch Design Festival is a two day gathering of designers, thinkers, makers, and storytellers who are shaping what’s next, right now. During the festival, you’ll connect with like-minded creatives and innovators, discover new ways of thinking about your own ideas, and learn how you can make an impact on the world we live in. You’ll be pushed to see and pursue new possibilities and reinvigorate your dreams and your work. It’s an opportunity to invest in yourself.

Last year, we put together a list of our top reasons for why it’s worth your time to be part of Hopscotch Design Festival, along with some ideas on how to pitch your boss on letting you take two days off from work to make it happen.

We realize that buying a ticket is a commitment, and that your time is valuable. If you’re hesitating or unsure about the cost or time, here’s some additional food for thought to help you make the decision that’s right for you.

Maybe you’re thinking: “I just really need to be in the office, focused and working.”
Consider this: Whatever your role is in your organization, an influx of creative energy and a reprieve from your daily hustle will bolster your productivity and motivation. The two days you spend away from the office at Hopscotch Design Festival will undoubtedly pay for themselves many times over when you return to work excited, inspired, and eager to leverage your new skills and connections.

Maybe you’re thinking: “I’ve got a ton of deadlines and projects on my plate that need my attention.”
Consider this: Stepping away for a couple of days will give you the necessary space to allow your work to breathe, and will provide you with the opportunity to seek fresh inspiration—from innovative speakers, new connections, and thought-provoking discussions. Worried about taking time off near an important deadline? …Know those epiphanies you have at the eleventh hour, out in the real world, sparked from some unexpected place? Embrace the serendipity and headspace. Your projects will thank you.

Maybe you’re thinking: “I’m not a ‘designer,’ so I don’t know if Hopscotch Design is really for me.”
Consider this: One of the many things that makes Hopscotch Design Festival so engaging is its diversity: backgrounds, perspectives, occupations, industries, mediums. Design is a methodology to find the courage and vision to take risks, embrace discomfort, and shape a future inspired by simplicity and humanity. You’ll hear from speakers who are using design concepts to innovate in the fields of technology, sustainability, wellness, art, activism, education, and more—and you’ll learn how to incorporate that same mindset into your work. Design is for everyone, including you.

Maybe you’re thinking: “I think my boss would be more open to the idea of me attending if I could somehow represent my company.”
Consider this: You and your organization have something unique and valuable to offer your community—and Hopscotch Design Festival is the perfect platform upon which to share your story. The festival offers ample opportunities for you to share your knowledge and perspective. Network with other professionals across an array of industries. Have lunch with a potential future business partner. Make lasting connections for both you and your organization.

Maybe you’re thinking: “I don’t know if I can justify the price of a ticket.”
Consider this: The full price to attend Hopscotch Design Festival 2017 is only $225—which grants you access to two incredible days of talks with world-class speakers, thought-provoking discussions, locally-crafted tastes, invaluable networking opportunities, and fun evening parties—all in the heart of downtown Raleigh. National conferences of the same caliber typically run upwards of $1K. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we’re able to keep the cost low and the value high.

Here’s what a ticket buys you:

–  18 hours of programming, including 40+ thought-provoking speakers, question & answer opportunities, roundtable discussions, sponsor exhibitions, delicious afternoon snacks designed by local chefs, and coffee!
–  5 amazing venues in the heart of downtown Raleigh.
–  1 swag bag filled with design goodies that’ll help you stay inspired all year.
–  Supporting Raleigh and the Triangle as a place that values design.
–  Making a commitment to doing the work that matters to you and shaping a future you truly believe in.
–  Networking opportunities with 400+ like-minded Hopscotchers.
–  An evening cocktail party in a special downtown location.

Fuel your creativity. Push your edges. The future is yours to design.

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A meeting of creative minds and local professionals changing the meaning of design.
- 2016 Hopscotcher

Sept 6-7, 2018 | Raleigh, NC

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