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Start from where you are

This excerpt was originally published in the 2017 Hopscotch Design Festival Guide.

You’ve chosen to be here in this precise moment in time. Take a deep breath. Feel your feet connected to the floor. Now is the perfect moment to begin your adventure.

You have the tools to create a future you love

This life is a journey of dreaming, experimenting, pursuing, and achieving your dream…then dreaming the next thing. Design is a powerful toolkit for understanding obstacles on your path, imagining new possibilities, and bringing them into the world. Design helps you navigate your way toward what you truly want.

So, what do you truly want?

We hope the next two days light a fire under your dreams, and sharpen your tools for the journey. 

Here’s what we want: A future where design is a holistic and central part of life. Because in this confusing and complex world, design is a way to contribute beauty, simplicity, and humanity.  It starts with designers who believe they can lead and are prepared to lead.

Lead from where you are

Accepting where you are now is the best way to get where you want to be. No matter where you are on your particular path, remember to love the process. Play. Experiment. Have fun!

Because when you celebrate where you are, the best next step becomes clear. From a high place, open to life, you spot opportunities, you make amazing connections. Synchronicity abounds.

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- 2016 Hopscotcher

Sept 6-7, 2018 | Raleigh, NC

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