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Top 10 Moments from 2017

We’re sharing our top 10 moments from 2017. They start to celebrate the amazing people and ideas that came together.And we hope by sharing our favorite moments, it helps remind you of key lessons and moments in your own experience.

Moment #10. Dan Parham of Neighborland

for reminding us “Everything big starts small.”



Moment #9. Allison Williams

for her vulnerability in reminding us it’s okay to be in the process of figuring it out and to “find the projects that connect you to everything you know, love, and believe about yourself.”



Moment #8. Mike Rigby of R/GA

for helping us see the magnitude of possibility. Design truly is a movement bigger than any one of us and now, more than ever, is the moment for design.“The internet has blown the canvas of creativity wide open.” 



Moment #7. Jacinda Walker

for encouraging us to be on the lookout for future designers: “That kid in your class who asks 15 questions every 5 minutes? He’s a future designer.”

And, for boldly reminding us to consider our own responsibility towards diversity in design. “Look around your work and see who’s not there. Then ask why?” 



Moment #6. Coloring with DASH

for bringing people together through their brilliant crowd-sourced animation


Watch the final crowd-sourced outcome:


Moment #5. Inspiring our taste buds

Japanese spiced popcorn, tuna tartare, mini cheeseburgers, and Boulted Bread shortbread. So delicious!



Moment #4. Kelli Wood of altMBA

for the important lesson of “opportunties aren’t given, they are taken” and for encouraging us all to see the power we have to lead.



Moment #3. Perfect weather and patios

Nothing beats cool, fall weather in Raleigh and we had the perfect two days. Sunny, high 70s. Ideal for exploring and drinking beverages outside.



Moment #2. Steve Frykholm

for unapologetically being himself and for sharing wisdom from his 35+ years at Herman Miller. “There can always be a first time.
Beware the sea of sameness.”



Moment #1. Leaving our comfort zones

for everyone who was a part of the festival, for showing up, being open, and for choosing to do the hard work of creating things that matter.



Our top moments list only begins to capture all the remarkable ideas and people who were a part of this year’s festival.It was difficult to choose 10 because each speaker and attendee inspired us in important and powerful ways.

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