North Carolina native David Burris has just completed directing and producing the independent feature film, The World Made Straight, based on fellow Tar Heel author Ron Rash’s novel of the same name. Millennium Entertainment released the film domestically in early 2015 to wide critical acclaim across the country.

Up until the time of shooting The World Made Straight, Burris worked for many years on the Emmy Award-winning reality series Survivor. From his early beginnings as Supervising Producer, to his role as Executive Producer, Burris put his stamp on the series that redefined a genre. In his role as Executive Producer, Burris served as the “show runner”, sitting in the director’s chair in both production and post while managing a crew of 300 and an annual budget of $40 million.

Burris began his career in the New York independent film scene eventually writing and directing the short film, The Side of The Road, starring Jared Harris and producing the short film, Howard Black, starring John C. Reilly. He holds a Masters degree from Wake Forest University and a Bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina. He also did a year of study at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

When not on location filming in various locales around the world, Burris splits his time among residences in Venice, Ca., Raleigh and Bangkok.

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