Elliott P. Montgomery is a researcher and strategic designer who focuses on speculative alternatives at the confluence of developing social, technological, and environmental issues.

The Extrapolation Factory is an imagination-based studio for design-lead futures studies. The studio focuses on developing future scenarios, embodied as artifacts in familiar, present-day contexts. The Extrapolation Factory proposes a method for collaboratively envisioning possible futures with diverse participants, experts and non-experts, and doing so in a variety of accessible ways. With this work, the studio is exploring the value of rapidly imagined, prototyped, deployed and evaluated visions of possible futures on an extended time scale.

The Extrapolation Factory has worked with partners and organizations such as Autodesk Research, UNICEF, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Columbia University’s Studio-X NYC, and Forum for the Future. The Core77 Design Award was granted to The Extrapolation Factory in 2013’s Speculative Design category. Works by The Extrapolation Factory’s co-founders have been exhibited internationally in institutions including The New York Museum of Modern Art, The Shanghai Powerstation of Art, the Design Triennale Beijing, the Design Biennale Saint Etienne, and the Artefact Festival in Belgium.

The Extrapolation Factory was co-founded by Elliott P. Montgomery and Chris Woebken.

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