Heather Cook ditched her Minnesotan mucklucks in 2005 in order to dig her calloused and poorly-tended-to toes deep into the squishy red clay of North Carolina. Since this move, she’s maintained a hybrid of home states, having been caught on more than one occasion muttering, “uff da y’all!”

Heather is an event planner by trade, an educator at heart and a community builder by nature. After spending 11 years in public education as a teacher and librarian, Heather founded Shind!gs, a creative event coordinating company based in Durham.

What excites Heather most about Wild Yonder is the promise of more cicada sounds and less ringtones, more campfire smoke, more field guides, more knot-tying and more star-gazing, all lessening the stress and worry for the hard working folks of the city.

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