Lulu Miller is the co-host of NPR's new show about human behavior, Invisibilia, along with journalist goddesses Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin. She covers stories that challenge our assumptions about how the human organism works—from the story of The "Bat Man" (a man who is blind and uses echolocation to navigate the world), to the tale of Martin Pistorius (who was locked in his body for 13 years but found a way to emerge), to a surprising new way to overcome your demons, by, well, lying to yourself. She is always on the hunt for "stories in which Duct-Tape Solves the Ethereal Sadness," as she puts it. To hear more about that, take a listen here.

Before Invisibilia, she was a science reporter for the NPR Science Desk, a producer on NPR's Radiolab, and a contributor to This American Life and The Environment Report. In her spare time, she writes fiction stories, but nobody needs to talk about that. Her work has been recognized by the George Foster Peabody Awards, Third Coast, and The Missouri Review.

Photo credit: NPR's John Poole

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