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Ryan Cocca

Creative Director - Nugget

Ryan Cocca is an illustrator, photographer and writer based in Durham, NC. As an undergraduate at UNC, he opened Franklin Street’s first and only streetwear store and clothing line, Thrill City, for which he was the lead designer. In the span of three years, Ryan’s illustrations and products were featured in the New York Times and Sports Illustrated, on ESPN2, and on numerous online outlets like Yahoo!, Deadspin, The Fader, and Complex. Ryan oversees Nugget’s visual identity and brand voice, taking inspiration from online, direct-to-consumer brands like Casper and Harry’s, and books like Tintin and Where The Wild Things Are.

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A year’s worth of inspiration in one delicious, social nugget.
- 2016 Hopscotcher

Sept 6-7, 2018 | Raleigh, NC

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